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Our Work

Educating and training survivor advocates on sexual violence
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One of the most important roles of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network is educating and training people on how to effectively advocate for sexual assault prevention. Through virtual webinars and other online trainings, SAAN members dive deep into current issues in the field and learn from experienced survivor advocates. SAAN's Open House virtual events offer networking opportunities for members and a chance to learn more from those active in violence prevention.

Learn more about education and training offerings

Supporting the health, healing, and self-care of advocates

Being a survivor of sexual violence is hard. Being a survivor advocate is even tougher. We need multiple layers of support to keep us motivated and knowledgeable. Through projects to help us better practice self-care and personal healing, SAAN strives to help advocates stay focused on our goals while practicing compassionate self-care.

Learn more about member health and healing initiatives, and help with self-care

Ensuring survivor advocates from diverse groups have leadership and activism opportunities 

Sexual violence is not an equal opportunity issue; some groups experience a much higher than average risk for assault, yet many advocates do not have equal access to the resources and advocacy opportunities they need and deserve. Through mentoring initiatives, advocacy and policy connections, and specialized advocate support, SAAN provides inclusive leadership development options for members from diverse backgrounds and identities.

Learn more about male advocate support, mentoring options, and policy and organizing work

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