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Providing special support for male sexual assault advocates
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We know that men face a whole host of barriers to coming forward with stories of abuse, as well as becoming part of the larger advocacy and prevention community.

Our Male Advocacy Support team, led by Mike Cochran, keeps the SAAN group knowledgeable about the unique experiences of male survivors and advocates, and is inclusive of and welcoming to advocates in this community. By creating opportunities for males to network with others in the field, learn from one another, and be supported in their work, this team is a catalyst for greater male involvement in education, awareness, and activism. 

Creating a community of male survivor-advocates

Mentoring and personal support for male survivor-advocates
For males looking to become stronger and more effective advocates, or even for more seasoned folks, having a mentor can help us develop our leadership while learning from someone who has moved from survivor to thriver. Our Male Advocate Support Leader Mike Cochran is available for 1:1 mentoring for SAAN members identifying as male. If you are interested, email Mike at

Virtual networking and support for male advocates
Periodically SAAN will host a virtual meeting for SAAN advocates identifying as male looking to network, learn, and support one another. Visit our News and Events page for the next meeting.

Resources and info for male advocates

The 1 In 6 organization: Working to help male survivors of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences to live happier and healthier lives
Stories of male survivors of sexual assault in the military and what Protect Our Defenders is doing about it
Cases of male survivors speaking out in the wake of #MeToo
Speaking out about clergy abuse: The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)
 An excellent resource for men experiencing trauma or helping others through their own. You can also access therapists, support groups and other resources on this site.

Get involved

If you are a member identifying as male and want to help build our community, email and we will be back in touch!

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