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Our Work

Providing personal support and help with self-care to advocates
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Our Member Support and Self-care team, spearheaded by Ann-Marie Talley, brainstorms ways for SAAN to promote member self-care and provide guidance on maintaining strong support systems. This could take the form of offering self-care tips and strategies, providing guidance on creating a support network that encourages our advocacy, and/or other creative means. 

Resources from the Self-Care Addict

Ann-Marie Talley, SAAN's Member Support and Self-care leader, is the founder of the Self-Care Addict Network. The Network is a virtual community of people learning to integrate better self-care into their daily lives. Through personally designed self-care “rooms,” virtual workshops, and in-person art events, the Network can be useful for those in the helping profession who find themselves putting aside their own self-care as they care for others.

Visit the network to learn more or to join.

Resources to get and stay on the self-care track
SAAN members' top self-care picks

"Take time to disconnect. No outside influences. Just you - and take that time to recharge." Joleen Price

"Write. Write for yourself. Write for your friends. Write for posterity. Write for the fireplace. Write." - Joe Gilvary

Have a self-care practice you love? Have tips you want to share with others? Email your self-care routine or favorite tip to and we'll list them here!

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