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Leadership development and organizing

SAAN strives to keep our membership abreast of leadership, policy, and organizing initiatives and connects members to opportunities to grow on many levels. We point advocates to leadership development programs and groups that engage advocates around a particular issue or constituency. Consider the following opportunities:

SAAN Black Advocacy Group: SAAN Leadership Development/ Communities of Color Leader Morgan Whiting (Rumple) is leading a new group for Black advocates to discuss ways to support each other and other Black advocates with whom we work, and ultimately to create safe space for us to come together and talk about joys and challenges we face both as advocates and as part of the Black community. If you are interested in learning more and/or to join the group, contact Morgan at

SAAN LatinX Advocacy Group: The LatinX Advocacy Group engages leaders in the gender-based violence prevention movement to grow a deeper understanding of interpersonal violence and more effectively advocate for LatinX survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The group is led by Development Team Immigrant Survivors of Sexual Violence Leader Irina Sorrels. In SAAN, Irina leads efforts to educate the advocacy community on survivor needs in these communities, and facilitate a networking and discussion space for immigrant advocates. For more information or to get involved, email Irina at

The Survivors Know Leadership Program has openings this fall for survivors seeking to build their leadership and organizing skills. The program sees survivors as active participants in the learning process and as experts, and encourages participants to question power along many lines: race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic status. Their group process challenges participate to invent and reinvent among other survivors to develop trauma-informed, survivor-led and research-based actionable practices that will lead to long-term structural changes in workplaces. You can get more information and apply here.

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