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About Us

Mission and Vision
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Sexual violence is pervasive and one of the biggest threats to public health. The mission of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN) is to reduce sexual violence by supporting the people working to achieve that vision. 


SAAN was created to grow and support the sexual assault prevention community. We provide specialized services to seasoned advocates and help those new to this community to become stronger, well connected, more effective leaders. SAAN does this in three ways: educating survivor-advocates and our allies on the topic of sexual violence; providing networking, leadership-development, and mentoring opportunities for advocates; and engaging in policy and advocacy campaigns that advance us closer to an end to interpersonal violence. 


SAAN is a place we come to meet others working for the same mission, and share our accomplishments and ideas with the community. Our network disseminates information and best practices in sexual violence prevention, and relies on one another for advice and resources. As individuals and as a group, we are a source of inspiration - a place to feel safe and motivated, knowing we are not alone in this fight against abuse and violence. 

Our history

Founder Suzanne Isaza created the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network in May 2019 as a Facebook group, hoping to connect with a few dozen survivor-advocates like herself to network and stay inspired. What started as a small support group quickly grew to over 1,000 survivor advocates and allies tackling sexual violence on nearly every continent.

Suzanne created an advisory group of some of the most active members to assess the needs of sexual violence prevention educators, social workers, activists, and other professionals. SAAN formed a development team in February 2020 to plan SAAN's expansion off of Facebook in order to widen our reach and provide more help and resources for people advocating for healthy relationships.

Our commitment to inclusion

SAAN strives to be a welcoming place for all backgrounds and identities. That includes providing leadership opportunities to those from communities and identities hardest hit by abuse. By being sensitive to the experiences of survivor advocates while continually learning about one another’s histories, we strengthen our movement.

Support for survivor-advocates and allies includes:
  • Mentoring

  • Trainings & webinars

  • Help with self-care

  • Networking opportunities

  • Male advocate support

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Support for health & healing

  • Support for marginalized communities, such as people of color, the disabled, and LGBTQ

  • Policy updates

  • Organizing opportunities

  • Access to resources

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