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About Us

Our Volunteers & Supporters

As an entirely volunteer organization, SAAN relies on the support of generous people and supporters. We are hugely grateful to the following people and organizations for their contributions to the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network. (If you would like to be a volunteer or contributor, reach out here.)

Sally Linn, Communications and training 
Anne Nigro Winslow, Membership
Arun Raja Pookote, Editing 
Judy Schultz, Designer, igraphyx,  Graphic design

AmyAnna Soto, Website contributing artist/poet

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Thank you for all you do to support our mission of ending sexual violence!

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors! 

Still Whole Wellness

At The Pride Law Firm, we understand the personal, traumatic nature of sexual assault. With over 20 years of combined experience, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like yourself regain their sense of confidence and peace.


Whether you have questions or just need someone to talk to about your experience, you can confide in our team of experienced professionals.


Kathy and Richard are the husband and wife team behind Comfort In The Storm. They are credentialed advocates (NACP), authors, and the parents of a child sex abuse survivor. Given their unique perspective, they facilitate comprehensive and thought-provoking Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Awareness trainings. They also accept bookings for public speaking engagements where they offer extremely transparent insight into their family’s own journey from disclosure to healing. Kathy and Richard are known for highlighting the data behind the epidemic while using their experiences to offer practical life application to help families develop a safety plan for their children and end this public health crisis.


Still Whole Wellness offers Life Coaching, Oracle Readings, Guided Meditation, and Reiki services to support clients in restoring themselves to wellness after being sexually violated. Dr. Lori helps people struggling with the most common issues after sexual assault such as relationship issues, spiritual development, and creating healthy habits. Dr. Lori prides herself in offering confidential and professional services by a trained professional at competitive prices.

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