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Let's face it - there's a lot to know in the field of sexual assault prevention. Explore the resources we have in this section and on the Podcast Series and Recommended Reading pages, and if you have suggestions for additional resources to have available, email us at

Supporting ourselves and others during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we advocate for others, and demands that we do more to take care of ourselves. Isolation at home, routine changes, lack of social support - all of these have become part of our lives and are contributing to increased and more severe abuse at home. 

Our ability to support survivors and address this pandemic is closely connected to the support that we receive in our own lives. Know that the SAAN community is there for you and will do all we can to provide information, guidance, and opportunities to connect with others virtually. This link provides a wealth of resources, and there are links to hotlines and other tools at the bottom of this page..

And finally, please let us know if there are ways that SAAN can be a stronger resource for you or the people you serve in your advocacy work.

Support and resources for SAAN members

SAAN Buddy Program: The SAAN Buddy Program links two SAAN members to provide mutual support, guidance, and friendship. If you would like to be paired with a member, email the program coordinator Anne Nigro Winslow at

SAAN member support ASSIST Contact List: SAAN's ASSIST Contact List is a list of volunteer SAAN members willing to talk and give personal support to others. If you are interested in being a volunteer to help others, email and provide your full name and your contact information. If you are interested in obtaining the list, email that same address and we will share this confidential resource with you.

From our members 

Impact of sexual assault on the black community: African-Americans have a higher risk of experiencing interpersonal and sexual violence, yet little research is being conducted on how sexual violence affects this group. For a closer examination of sexual assault in the black community, SAAN Development Team member Morgan Rumple recommends these articles:

Black Women and Sexual Violence

Prevalance Rates/statistics

Women of Color Network: Domestic violence in communities of color
Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color

Correcting inaccurate sexual assault language:  A member article "Learn the Language" was written by Advocacy and Policy leader Darlene Correia. In it she sheds light on the inaccurate and misleading sexual assault terminology used by the media. You can read the article here.

Sexual violence statistics and briefs
Organizations with helpful resources for advocates
Resources for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence

National Sexual Assault Hotline and online chat: 1-800-656- 4373   
National Domestic Violence Hotline and online chat: 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and online chat: 1-800-273-8255   
Office for Victims of Crimelist of services for victims of crime
Mental Health Americalinks to support groups

Other services accessible through 2-1-1

Helping Survivors : provides resources and support for survivors

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