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Providing mentoring and other resources to advocates in the field
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Led by Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton, Ph.D., the Mentoring team is a vital part of SAAN's goal of supporting survivor-advocates through mentoring. Less experienced member advocates can get advice and guidance from more seasoned individuals. Learning what works from experienced advocates and getting valuable career development advice are experiences that most in our field cannot access for free. SAAN plans initiatives in this area and is available as a resource for members seeking a mentor or those wanting to mentor other survivor-advocates.

Personalized coaching and mentoring for SAAN members

Personalized coaching sessions
Vanessa Dunn Guyton, an experienced coach, trainer, and nonprofit leader, offers a no-cost, virtual coaching session to SAAN members upon request. Held during the evenings, Vanessa’s coaching sessions will help members get motivated to take their career to the next level, and be accountable to themselves and their career goals. To request a session, email Vanessa at

Mentoring for male survivor-advocates

For males looking to become stronger and more effective advocates, or even for more seasoned folks, having a mentor can help us develop our leadership while learning from someone who has moved from survivor to thriver. Our Male Advocate Support Leader Mike Cochran is available for 1:1 mentoring for SAAN members identifying as male. If you are interested, email Mike at

Experienced mentors available for those looking for guidance at no cost
Other SAAN members have stepped forward to serve as mentors for those less experienced in the field. If you would like to explore the possibility of being mentored, email us at

Interested in mentoring a new advocate?

Mentoring is such a critical aspect of growing as a leader and advocate. SAAN is seeking those with experience in the field of sexual assault prevention to be mentors for less seasoned people. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or learning more, email

More resources

Tips for finding - and keeping - a mentor
How your organization can mentor survivors

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