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Our Work

Meeting and networking with survivor advocates and others working to eliminate sexual violence
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SAAN's Networking and Membership team engages sexual assault advocates in SAAN while keeping a finger on the pulse of our membership’s ideas, preferences, and concerns. We also connect those who wish to volunteer with SAAN to opportunities. If you have ideas for ways to better engage our members, contact Suzanne Isaza, the Membership Leader, at

Resources, support, and connection for SAAN members

SAAN is determined that advocates are supported and healthy in this era of quarantining and social distancing.

SAAN Match buddy program: Want to buddy up while hunkered down at home? SAAN coordinates a matchmaking program for SAAN members seeking a connection with another survivor-advocate. Buddies contact one another regularly through Messenger, phone call, Zoom - however they can connect, and can be a great source of support and friendship. If you'd like to participate, contact Anne Nigro Winslow at


SAAN member support ASSIST Contact List: SAAN's ASSIST Contact List is a list of volunteer SAAN members willing to talk and give personal support to others. If you are interested in being a volunteer to help others, email and provide your full name and your contact information. If you are interested in obtaining the list, email that same address and we will share this confidential resource with you.

Meet other advocates and chat in our Facebook group!

The Sexual Assault Advocacy Network group on Facebook is a 1,000+ member discussion and networking forum. Find others doing what you do, ask for guidance on a topic or project, talk about the latest news in the field, and more. Click here to visit our page and join the group.

New to SAAN or want to network? Check out our Open House

SAAN periodically holds an "Open House" over Zoom for members who want meet others in a face-to-face virtual space and network. Visit our News & Events page for session details and to sign up. 

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