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Our Work

Providing education and training opportunities to survivor advocates and our allies
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To promote the ongoing learning and development of SAAN’s members, the Training and Education team plans virtual training opportunities and keeps an eye out for other free and low-cost learning programs in the field. Headed up by team leader Nancy Allen, we coordinate informational webinars and discussion groups for providers, educators, and activists. Visit our News & Events page for the complete list of training opportunities and to sign up. (Note that all of our events are only open to SAAN members, so if you're not yet a member, join if you'd like to participate.)


SAAN Warrior Webinar Series
SAAN organizes a monthly webinar series for members of all backgrounds and levels. Held virtually using Zoom, webinars cover a wide range of sexual violence topics led by experienced SAAN members and others in the field. See what we've got scheduled here.

SAAN Share Series

Organized by expert trainer Sally Linn, the SAAN Share Series is all about educating and training each other as advocates and allies. Meeting monthly, these virtual events will feature a member informally presenting on a sexual violence topic, followed by interactive Q&A and an opportunity to ask others for answers to our most pressing work and advocacy questions of the month. We can all contribute to each other's knowledge! Check out the next session's details here.

SAANSexuality Webinar Series

Sexual violence is used as a form of power, oppression, and control to maintain gender and sexuality hierarchies of privilege. This epidemic of sexual violence in the LGBTQ+ community is something advocates must address together. The SAANSexuality webinar series helps members of all gender identities and sexual orientations understand how we can better support LGBTQ+ survivors. Visit our News & Events page for the next session date.

Have ideas for training topics?

SAAN is responsive to the training ideas and needs of our members. If you would like to see us host a training on a particular topic, write to us at and tell us your idea.

Coming soon! A resource for free and low-cost training

Nancy Allen, SAAN's Training and Education leader, will be assembling a calendar of training opportunities open to advocates and survivors. It's hard to find inexpensive yet quality virtual training, so this compilation will be a great resource for our members to become more knowledgeable on sexual violence prevention topics from A-Z. Check back soon!

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