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SAAN has two leadership teams that oversee our work and manage our organization's growth in 2020 and beyond.

The Advisory Committee steers our direction and oversees all of our activities and the Facebook group, while the Development Team plans SAAN's services and resources and strategizes the best way to serve our members. Each Development Team member heads up a distinct aspect of SAAN.

Contact any of us with your ideas, thoughts, or concerns.


Dr. Lori Pitts

SAAN Executive Director/ Founder of Still Whole Wellness 

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton

SAAN Development Team Founder if Hush No More/ Consulting Expert & Associates, LLC

Suzanne Isaza.jpg

Suzanne Isaza, SAAN Founder 

SAAN Advisory Committee

Child Sexual Abuse/Incest Awareness Leader

Nancy Allen.jpg

Nancy Allen

SAAN Advisory Committee Development Team
Training and Education Leader

Koli Marie.jpeg

Koli Marie 

SAAN Advisory Committee

Dr. Lori Pitts is SAAN's Executive Director. She is the founder of Still Whole Wellness where she uses her signature, "Get Clear Method" to help clients begin the healing process from sexual trauma. Dr. Lori uses holistic healing modalities such as trauma coaching and energy healing. Dr. Lori can be contacted at

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton, Ph.D. is the former Executive Director for. She is the CEO of Consulting Experts & Associates, LLC and the Founder and Executive Director of HUSH No More. Both organizations provides creative training to Victim Advocates. Additionally, she is a Survivor Advocate that champion the rights of Sexual Assault and MST Survivors. Contact her at

Suzanne is the founder of SAAN and the creator of the incest prevention web resource. She is a grant consultant, has given dozens of prevention talks, authored a column on sexual assault topics, and mentored survivor-advocates. You can learn more at and reach her at

Our Training and Education Leader, Nancy Allen supports fellow incest survivors as the host of Tail of the Bell podcast,  through her post-therapy individual and group coaching programs, advocacy, and speaking engagements. Reach Nancy at

Koli is a poet writing mostly about their healing journey. They revived a club on their campus to educate the community about the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence, and are an advocate for ending the rape kit backlog and testing all kits. Reach them at

Laura Reid.JPG

Laura Reid

SAAN Advisory Committee

Development Team

LGBTQ+/Gender Identity Leader

Laura is SAAN's LGBTQ+/Gender Identity Leader. They are a social work student with a psychology, education, and advocacy background, striving to empower LGBTQ+ members through leadership opportunities and allies through education. You can reach them at SAAN here.


Mike Cochran
SAAN Development Team

Male Advocate Support Leader

Mike is SAAN's Male Advocate Support 
Leader. Mike is a childhood incest survivor, Master Sergeant in the US Army, DoD-Certified Victim Advocate, Master Resiliency Trainer, and SHARP Trainer. He has a Masters in Business Administration from WVU. Contact Mike at


Sally Linn
SAAN Development Team

Prevention Projects Leader

Ann-marie Talley.png

Ann-Marie Talley

SAAN Development Team

Member Support and Self-care Leader

Sally Linn is founder and speaker at Truth Speaks, LLC. She was trained as the teen Sexual Assault Prevention Educator at Rebuilding Hope! Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County. She's a member of the Washington Coalition for Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP), and the Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence (PCCADV).

Ann-Marie is SAAN's Member Support and Self-care leader. She is the co founder of a creative wellness organization Onyx Creative, an artist and creativity consultant, she coaches coping skills for stress management and burnout through art. Connect with her at

Irina Sorrels.jpg
Joe Gilvary.jpg
Morgan Rumple bio.png
AmyAnna Saan 3.jpg

Irina Sorrels

SAAN Development Team

Immigrant Survivors of Sexual Violence Leader

Joe Gilvary

SAAN Development Team

Outreach Leader

Morgan Whiting

SAAN Development Team

Leadership Development/ Communities of Color Leader

AmyAnna Soto

SAAN Development Team

Advocate Health and Healing Leader

As the Leader on Immigrant Survivors of Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault Advocate and Prevention Specialist Irina Sorrels leads efforts to educate the advocacy community on survivor needs in these communities, and facilitate a networking and discussion space for immigrant advocates. You can reach Irina at Safe Place Sexual Assault Center at

Joe Gilvary is a survivor of CSA. He's worked in the community to help survivors find strength to speak out and begin their own healing. His awareness of the links between sexual violence and other social ills such as homelessness and drug abuse motivate him to continue. Reach him at

Morgan Whiting serves as the Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator for the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking, Inc. and served as the co-chair of the Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Coalition for the past 4 years. Morgan  co-founded Student Advocates for Exploited and Trafficked Youth (S.A.F.E.T.Y).© You can reach her at

AmyAnna is SAAN's Advocate Health and Healing Leader. AmyAnna advocates for survivors of childhood trauma, rape, stalking by public speaking, organizing a peer led art group, and through her poetry and works of art. Reach her at

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