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SAAN is made up of a 4 person leadership team--and we want you to join!

Contact any of us with your ideas, thoughts, or concerns.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Former Executive Directors


Dr. Lori Pitts

SAAN Former Executive Director/ Founder of Still Whole Wellness 

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton

SAAN Development Team Founder if Hush No More/ Consulting Expert & Associates, LLC

Suzanne Isaza.jpg

Suzanne Isaza, SAAN Founder 

SAAN Advisory Committee

Child Sexual Abuse/Incest Awareness Leader

Dr. Lori Pitts is SAAN's Former Executive Director. She is the founder of Still Whole Wellness where she uses her signature, "Get Clear Method" to help clients begin the healing process from sexual trauma. Dr. Lori uses holistic healing modalities such as trauma coaching and energy healing. Dr. Lori can be contacted at

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton, Ph.D. is the former Executive Director for SAAN. She is the CEO of Consulting Experts & Associates, LLC and the Founder and Executive Director of HUSH No More. Both organizations provides creative training to Victim Advocates. Additionally, she is a Survivor Advocate that champion the rights of Sexual Assault and MST Survivors. Contact her at

Suzanne is the (retired) founder of SAAN and the creator of the incest prevention web resource. She is a grant consultant, has given dozens of prevention talks, authored a column on sexual assault topics, and mentored survivor-advocates. You can learn more at and reach her at

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